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If money were not an issue in your life and you didn't need to go to work, what would you be doing?

Do this exercise now. 
Get a sheet of paper or open a blank document on your PC. Write down all the different things you'd want to do in your life if money were not an issue.

The more detailed your answers are, the better, you can write what your "Idea day" would be like if money weren't an issue. write down how you'd feel. Write what a typical month or year would look like for you. Write how you'd wake up in the morning and go to bed at night.

Take as much time as you need to do this.

Once you are done, it is time to engineer your "idea life" into reality.

Take a look at the things you listed down. Then ask yourself:

How can I do these things and make lots of money in the process?
That is how you find your purpose. you will find your purpose where your talents and interests intersect with solving a problem (or filling a need) in the world and getting paid well in the process.


If you would have like an example, let's use my own life. For me what truly drives me is FREEDOM.

  • Freedom for myself and my family to stop.

  • Freedom of time to do whatever I want.

  • Freedom of finances so I don't need to work unless I really want to.

  • Freedom from someone else detecting My Schedule.

  • Freedom to train and practice Blogging anywhere in the world.

  • Freedom to teach others how to find their own purpose in life.

I engineered my purpose into reality in various ways;

  • Getting out of the corporate world and working from home.

  • Starting my own business and investment portfolio.

  • Giving up my old vices (alcohol, womanizing, spending all my time on social media etc.)

  • Never giving  up on my purpose no no matter how hard things got.

Your own purpose.

You might find your purpose in life today, after doing the exercise above. 
Or you might find it gradually, over the next several months or years, as you do the exercise Over and over.

The mere act of TRYING to find your purpose purifies you. It get rid of the junk in your life. It opens your eyes to your true potential. It strengthens your masculine  energy. When you know your purpose in life, and when you are living in complete alignment with it, it's a different world. Every victory at work, and every moment of intimacy with women is magnified a thousand times.


You know, from balls to bones, that you are exactly where you are meant to be and doing exactly what you are meant to do. But if you are disconnected from your purpose, you will remain weak. You will feel empty, unfulfilled and unimportant. You won't be able to penetrate the world.

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