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How to lock your WhatsApp account from hackers 2021.

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I am a cyber security personnel, I observed something that everyone of you reading this post need to take precaution of, remember prevention is more better than cure.

If you are the type that normally leave your WhatsApp number on Social medias,  Note that your WhatsApp is vulnerable and it can be hacked. Oh!, Don't panic I get you covered, that's why you are here and you are in a safe hand 🙌.

Please kindly follow the instructions below to get your WhatsApp account secured.

1. Open WhatsApp then select settings,

2. Click on Account,

3. Click on Two-Step-authentification.

4. Click on ENABLE.
5. Add any six (6) digit you can remember see example 👇👇

6. Confirm it.

7. Add working email address, see example 👇👇
8. Confirm it.
You have successfully created your two-step authentication

You will be asked to enter a six-digit passcode, then confirm it by entering the number again. It's important you remember this number as it is essentially your new password.

You will then be prompted to enter an email address.
WhatsApp will use this email address to send you a link that you can use to disable the two-step authentication if you ever lost or forget your passcode.

That's it you are all set up and secure now when you want to use WhatsApp you will need to enter the passcodes number. It takes a little getting used to but security has it's costs. Those few extra seconds might seem a drawback now but losing control of your account can be an Almighty headache, so we think it's better to do it.

Enjoy yourself, don't forget to follow us on social medias. 

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